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Enhance your board leadership online with our
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Are you confident that you know the company that you oversee inside out?

Do you believe that you have exhausted all avenues for learning to identify issues and help the company become future-fit?


Are you ready to go beyond supervising management and help engage in collective learning in and around the company?

Why are we talking about this?

The role of the board is to see things coming.
That is the very essence of what it is there to do.
Boards leave management to manage the day to day and formulate  strategy.
Their only justification for existence is to help management not get into trouble (think compliance) and freely think ahead.

The problems and the complexity of the world that we are living in today, the speed at which things are happening, the speed of learning, of science, the collaboration between biology, data science and artificial intelligence means that there is no person or group that will be able to make decisions, relying purely on their own analytical skills. The importance and the recognition of the power of collective intelligence, is a must in future. 

Collective intelligence, for the board, therefore necessarily means 2 spheres of work:

  1. Looking inside the company and knowing it really well

  2. Scanning the outside and helping bring any alerts, threats and knowledge, insights and opportunities to the table as the boards engages in risk control and strategic thinking with management. 


How can you ensure that given all this pressure, you don’t miss the one critical piece of information that might mean make or break for your company?

Complete our survey and find out where your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots are for really knowing what is happening in and around your company. 

Download the overview of

our collective intelligence eBook here:                                 

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